Example Projects

Here are a few example projects that have already been configured for Gitpod.

Take a look at their .gitpod.yml file and try them in Gitpod with a single click.

Language Project Try it
JavaScript SvelteJS template, a project template for Svelte apps Open in Gitpod
TypeScript Theia, a cloud & desktop IDE framework implemented in TypeScript Open in Gitpod
Python Todo List API in Python Flask, an interactive tutorial about using Python Flask Open in Gitpod
Go Prometheus, a monitoring system and time series database Open in Gitpod
Rust Nushell, a terminal emulator written in Rust Open in Gitpod
Java Spring PetClinic, a sample web application in Spring in Java Open in Gitpod
Ruby Ruby on Rails template with a PostgreSQL database Open in Gitpod
C# C# .NET Core template, a simple pipeline example for a .NET Core application Open in Gitpod
PHP Symfony Demo Application, a reference application for PHP developers Open in Gitpod

You can find more example projects in the Languages & Frameworks pages.

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