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VS Code Extensions

Gitpod feels just like your local dev environment, as you can install any VS Code extensions. Install it via drag and drop and enjoy all the features you're used to.

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VS Code Extensions

Prebuilt Workspaces

Gitpod continuously builds your git branches like a CI server to provide ready-to-code workspaces when you need them.

This means no more waiting for dependencies to be downloaded and builds to finish. Just coding.

Gitpod is the first IDE that builds your project before you even open it.

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Supports All Programming Languages

Gitpod comes with built-in language support for most popular languages: Java, JavaScript, Python, Go, Rust and C/C++, are supported out of the box and come with auto completion, diagostics, formatting and many more.

It's easy to get the same quality of language support for any other language by installing the needed Tools via Docker and adding useful VS Code Extensions.

Supported Programming Languages

Linux Terminals

Gitpod instantly starts a machine in the cloud based on a Docker image. Tools that are required for your project or popular are readily installed and configured.

And still, if you like to do configurations yourself, you can adjust everything to your satisfaction by bringing your own Docker image or Dockerfile.

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Linux Terminals

Code Reviews

Open pull requests in Gitpod to run, navigate, and review the code from within the IDE. Reply to comments and publish code reviews without switching back to GitHub.

Thanks to Parallel and Prebuilt Workspaces, you can review code within seconds and without interfering with other ongoing work.

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Code Review

Parallel Workspaces

Don’t postpone work because your current workspace is occupied with your work on the latest features.

To sneak in a bugfix on a maintenance branch or a code review - just start more workspaces - in parallel.

Use clean, fresh workspaces for every task.

Parallel Workspaces

Create Snapshots

Create a snapshot of your work and share it with the world. Based on your snapshot new workspaces can be created and edited independently.

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Works on any Device

No more need for expensive notebooks, with Gitpod coding becomes accessible anywhere and for everyone.

It works just as smoothly on a Chromebook as on a high-end notebook or any other computer.

*comprehensive tablet support is coming soon

Share Running Workspaces

Collaborate with your friends and colleagues and hunt down bugs together.

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Start for Free

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