Browser Extension

Creating a workspace is as easy as prefixing any GitHub URL with

For convenience, we developed the Gitpod browser extension. It adds a button to GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket repositories that does the prefixing for you – as simple as that.

The Gitpod button on a GitHub repository, created by the browser extension

We provide the extension for:

  • Chrome - also works for Edge, Brave and other Chromium-based browsers.
  • Firefox

Access the extension settings

You can access the extension settings by clicking on the Gitpod icon in the browser toolbar. In the resulting popup you can find a comprehensive view of all possible customization.

Gitpod browser extension configuration

Use a custom Gitpod instance URL

If you are using a custom Gitpod instance (e.g., Gitpod Dedicated) you can still use the browser extension by configuring it with your instance URL.

After you have installed the extension, open its options and enter your custom Gitpod instance URL.

Source Code

Gitpod’s browser extension is open source. You can check out its source code, or even open it in Gitpod:

Open in Gitpod

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