Gitpod shipped GitHub a launch cake for Codespaces

This is a story about a cake. Following a long-standing tradition in technology, we decided to send an edible Gitpod workspace to GitHub's San Francisco office.

Avatar of ghuntley Sep 3, 2021

DevX Digest 02 - The rise of ephemeral developer environments ✨

For our second edition of DevX Digest, we talk about moving software development to the cloud.

Avatar of pawlean Aug 26, 2021

Workshops as code

Running workshops is easier and more productive with Gitpod. That’s a bold statement and by the end this tale I hope you’ll be nodding your head but until then mash this button to launch the Nix Operating System in your browser.

Avatar of ghuntley Aug 24, 2021

Cloud-based development for everyone

By 2023 working with ephemeral cloud-based dev environments will be the standard, just like CI/CD is today.

Avatar of svenefftinge Avatar of JohannesLandgraf Aug 13, 2021

DevX Digest 01 - The evolution of DevX 🌱

For our first DevX Digest, we explore the evolution of developer experience in the IDE world.

Avatar of pawlean Avatar of mikenikles Aug 5, 2021

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