Gitpod URL

You can open a Gitpod workspace directly using a URL. The simplest way to start a workspace is by using the format: e.g.

In addition to the repository, you can also specify overrides for:

  1. editor
  2. workspaceClass
  3. useLatest

Which is useful when integrating into a third party, or an internal developer portal.

URL Parameters

Parameter Description Example(s)
autostart Skips the workspace creation page true, false
editor Specify IDE or editor to use code, code-desktop, intellij, goland, phpstorm, pycharm, rubymine, webstorm, rider, clion, rustrover, xterm
workspaceClass Specify workspace class to use g1-standard, g1-large

For the full list of available options in your installation, run the following Gitpod CLI commands:

gitpod workspace list-classes

gitpod workspace list-editors

Note If no URL parameter is specified, the users preferences or the organisation policies will take precedence.

URL Structure

The parameters specified in the URL must come before the # and the repo URL.

For example:


URL Examples


To open a workspace asking for confirmation before starting the workspace:


To open a workspace without asking for confirmation:


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