Adopting Kubernetes without destroying developer experience


In our last webinar, we covered “what is an internal developer platform”, where we discussed pitfalls such as not adopting the “platform as a product” mindset and falling victim to an “if you build it they will come” thinking. We introduced prominent ecosystem tools like Terraform, Spacelift, Crossplane, Backstage and Gitpod, and reviewed how using these tools support different types of internal developer platform architectures such as “command-based” platforms with Terraform, and more “declarative” platforms with tools like Crossplane.

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In this webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Build a platform around your Kubernetes cluster(s) that prioritises developer experience and avoid the dreaded “works on my machine” problem.
  • Design a developer experience for fast feedback (Not waiting 30 minutes for CI and preview environments to build!).
  • Go from a single local docker container to multi-container testing to previewing changes in your pre-prod clusters.
  • Leverage tools like Telepresence, MirrorD and/or Bridge to Kubernetes for connecting “local” services to your Kubernetes cluster.
  • Make considerations with internal developer portals like Backstage for your Kubernetes developer experience.
  • And more!


Lou Bichard

Senior Product Manager at Gitpod

Pauline Narvas

Senior Developer Advocate at Gitpod