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Save countless of hours of watching your code build.

With Gitpod you can automate and prebuild your dev environments so that you and your team can start coding with a single click.

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Skip the Waiting with
Prebuilt Dev Environments

Avoid all the friction and get beamed into a fully set up, compiled, and tested dev environment with one click.

More about Continuous Dev Environments.

GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket

Stay in the Flow
Integrated with GitLab, GitHub, and Bitbucket

Start your workflow from your Git hosting platform and let Gitpod beam you in a ready-to-code dev environment.

Whether you want to fix a bug, add a feature, or do a code review, Gitpod gets you started immediately in a self-contained browser tab.

More about Context URLs.

Gitpod on an iPad

Code Anywhere
Use your Chromebook or Tablet

You no longer need an over-powered laptop to work, Gitpod works just as smoothly on a Chromebook.

You can even code on the go with a tablet.

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Secure and Flight-Proven

Built with modern security principles and strong encryption, Gitpod keeps your code and your data safe no matter what happens.

Hardened by professional pentesting and thousands of developer hours every single day.

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Prefix any GitLab, GitHub, or Bitbucket URL with

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Open Source

Free For Open-Source!

Gitpod is built on open-source and wouldn’t exist without it. We’re happy to give something back by being completely free for open source.

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Explore Gitpod

Learn about collaboration, workspace sharing, reproducible snapshots, supported language features, and much more.

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