How does Gitpod work?

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GitHub is where you start. Any project, branch,

pull request or issue works. Gitpod knows where you

are coming from and beams you into the right context.

Prefix any GitHub-URL with ''.

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Why Gitpod?


Deep Code Reviews

Gitpod combines the code review interface from GitHub with the features of a full development environment.

No more shallow LGTM-reviews!

Browser IDE

Based on Theia, the extensible, VS Code-powered IDE for browser and desktop. Developed in a truly diverse open-source way by TypeFox, Ericsson, Red Hat, Arm and others.

Browser IDE

Based on Theia, the open-source, VS Code-powered editing experience in the browser with advanced language support, tight Git and GitHub integration and much more.

Automated Setup

Gitpod instantly starts a machine in the cloud, based on a docker image supporting your project.

Automating development setup is the best way to welcome new developers.

Beyond syntax coloring.

Supported Programming Languages

Syntax Coloring Code Completion Diagnostics Hovers Navigation Refactorings
JavaScript / TypeScript
C / C++
Clojure, Swift, C#, Groovy, Less, Lua, Objective-C, Perl and many more

Missing Your Favorite Programming Language?

Free for Open-Source!




100 hours / month

Unlimited workspaces

Public & private (only during beta) repositories




100 hours / month*

Unlimited workspaces

Public & private repositories




300 hours / month*

Unlimited Workspaces

Public & private repositories

(*) Prices and package contents are estimated and subject to change.

From Developers to Developers

Who We Are

Gitpod is developed by TypeFox, a team of developer tool specialists and longtime contributors to many open-source projects. We are a driving force behind the language server protocol and initiators of Eclipse Theia, the next generation IDE that powers Gitpod.

Open-source projects like Kubernetes, Theia, TypeScript, VS Code and thousands of other libraries are the giants' shoulders Gitpod is standing on. The TypeFox team is happy and truly thankful to live in a time where we can participate in such lively and creative communities with so many cool ideas and so much passion. Without those, developing Gitpod would not have been possible.

Open-source lets us take part in building the future. Let’s do it together.