Every day developers waste millions of hours waiting for builds to finish.

Gitpod eliminates this friction by providing prebuilt, ready-to-code dev environments with a single click.

Don’t just Take Our
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Why Gitpod?

Are You Ready-to-Code?

Gitpod is to your traditional local dev environment what Netflix is to a dusty shelf of DVDs.

Skip the friction and get beamed into a fully setup, compiled and tested dev environment with one click.

Read more about Continuous Dev Environments.

Tools Integration

Seamless GitHub & GitLab Integration

Gitpod let’s you stay in the flow by blending perfectly into GitHub and GitLab. Start your workflow from there and let Gitpod beam you in a ready-to-code dev environment.

No matter you want to fix a bug, add a feature or do a code review, Gitpod get's you started immediately.

Read more about Integration.

Not Just a Playground

Gitpod is not just another online playground, but a full featured dev environment, just like your local IDE.

It includes fully functional Linux terminals, you can install any VS Code extensions and provides all the other good features provided by Theia, the vendor neutral and highly extensible VS Code alternative, we have developed.

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Free for Open Source!

We develop huge parts of Gitpod in open source, well aware of how important a frictionless onboarding for contributors is.

Therefore, Gitpod is free for open source and we have created contribute.dev, which lists ready-to-code open source projects.

Start contributing now!


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