Configure Gitpod

Looking for a comprehensive guide on how to configure Gitpod workspaces?

See Configuring Gitpod.


Workspaces are the developer environments where you code in Gitpod.

Workspaces can be created on their own, or as part of a Repository.

User Settings

User settings allow you to customize your own personal Gitpod experience.


Repositories are the connection between Gitpod and one or more git repositories and allow you to manage Prebuilds. Like Workspaces, Repositories are always associated with an Organization.


Organizations in Gitpod allow you to share projects and their settings amongst many organization individuals.



No internet access over HTTPS (port 443) on Docker containers with custom network

When creating a new Docker network and starting a fresh container, you might encounter issues with HTTPS requests not receiving a response. HTTP requests, however, work as expected.

This issue is likely caused by a wrong MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) setting. To fix the problem, create a new network and specify the MTU value as 1440:

language icon bash
docker network create mynetwork --opt ""

For more discussions related to MTU value causing problems, refer to the Gitpod Discord.

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