Configure Gitpod

You can open any repository in Gitpod by prefixing the full repository URL with

For example:`

Note: For Self-Hosted, substitute for the domain of your installation.

To get the most out of Gitpod, commit a .gitpod.yml to the root of your project to give instructions to Gitpod about what packages to install, which process to start, and much more.


Workspaces are the developer environments where you code in Gitpod.

Workspaces can be created on their own, or as part of a Project.

User Settings

User settings allow you to customize your own personal Gitpod experience.


Projects are the connection between Gitpod and one or more git repositories and allow you to manage Prebuilds. Projects can be associated with your personal account, or associated with Teams.


Teams in Gitpod allow you to share projects and their settings amongst many team individuals.


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