Setting up an NFS share for your workspaces

Note: This step is optional and only required when you want your workspaces to have access to an NFS share.

Creating the NFS share

  1. Use the AWS management console and select the account where your Gitpod installation is hosted.
  2. Select the EFS Managed File Storage for EC2 service
  3. Select Create file system
  4. Select the VPC of your Gitpod installation
  5. Click the Customize button
  6. In Step 2 Network access ensure that the NFS endpoints are created in the Main subnets and create a security group that allows access to these endpoints from the workspace
  7. Create the NFS share

How to use your NFS share from your workspace

  1. Ensure you’ve followed steps from above.
  2. Mount the share into your workspace with the command that is provided to you by clicking the Attach button on the overview page of your file system. You do not need to use sudo in order to mount your NFS share.

NFS Mount Command

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