Workspace classes

Workspace classes allow you to select the resources available to your workspaces.

On, the options are:

  • Standard: up to 4 cores, up to 8GB RAM, 30GB storage
  • Large: up to 8 cores, up to 16GB RAM, 50GB storage

You can override the default (Standard) workspace class in the Gitpod project settings for your repository.

Project Settings

Select a workspace class for your workspace

You can select workspace class directly from Gitpod Dashboard. You can do that from by clicking on the New Workspace button. Then, you can select the context url and Editor.

Open New Gitpod Workspace with required workspace class • Gitpod Dashboard

Good to know

  • Large workspace classes use credits at a faster rate. Standard workspaces use 10 credits per hour, whereas Large workspaces use 20 credits per hour.
  • Prebuilds currently use the same workspace class as regular workspaces.


How to select Large workspace type for extended storage and CPU

Create a team project on Gitpod, from the project settings you can select a large workspace.

Is it possible to build (android) AOSP source on Gitpod?

It is not quite feasible to build an entire AOSP tree right now due to current storage capacity limitations. Please react with a ”👍” on and comment your requirements.

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