IDEs & Editors

In line with our ambition to “remove all friction from the developer experience”, Gitpod currently supports many popular IDE/editors e.g. JetBrains and VS Code through both the browser and on desktop. You can even use the command-line directly for editors like Vim (via SSH). There are many ways to configure your IDE/editor in Gitpod to match your preferred workflow or setup.

Connecting an IDE/editor to Gitpod

The three main ways to edit code or access a Gitpod workspace:

  1. Browser - Using VS Code Browser.
  2. SSH - Using an SSH key or an Access Token.
  3. Desktop - Using VS Code Desktop or JetBrains Gateway.

Supported IDE/editors

Start a workspace with an IDE/editor

You can start a workspace with your favourite IDE/editor directly from Gitpod Dashboard. You can do that from by clicking on the New Workspace button. Then, you can select the context url, Editor and custom workspace class.

Open New Gitpod Workspace with your favourite IDE • Gitpod Dashboard

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