Introducing the Platform Maturity Model: a practical guide for regulated industries


There’s a lot of buzz about platform engineering and we want to provide some clarity. Some big questions we’re asking: How do you find signal amid all the noise to pragmatically guide your own platform team? What tools and practices should you prioritize now? Which should you wait for? Should you invest in an internal developer portal? How can you secure leadership support for your initiatives? How do you evaluate teams? Should Kubernetes be on your radar? And how can you do all of this while keeping compliance and security top of mind?

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Answering most of these questions is why the CNCF created the Platform Maturity Model. This framework was designed to assess and evolve your platform engineering practices, help you understand your team’s maturity, and guide your thinking to ultimately figure out ‘what’s next?’. We want to bridge the gap on how to take those answers, and apply them to an organization that has security as their number one priority.

In this series, we’re taking a step-by-step look at this model and will discuss:

  • Part1: What is the Platform Maturity Model? Why was it created by the CNCF, and how can you leverage it for your platform team?
  • Part 2 - 5: cover three of the five dimensions of the model with guidance on how to:
  • Adoption: accelerate the adoption of internal platforms
  • Interfaces: improve developer experience when consuming platform capabilities
  • Operations: mature from a reactive platform organization to a proactive, strategic one.
  • We’ll weave in stories and examples of successes and pitfalls of platform organizations that were used in the research of creating this model as well as talk about the ways in which each dimension can integrate compliance and security. Finally, we’ll open up Q&A as an opportunity for attendees to seek practical advice on applying the model within their own organizations.

    Hosted by Lou Bichard, we’re excited to kick-off part 1 with a special guest, Abby Bangser, the original lead of the CNCF Platform Maturity Model to discuss:

    • Why it was created
    • Practical applications
    • Pitfalls to avoid

    Who should attend

    • Platform Engineers, DevOps, and Infrastructure Engineers looking for frameworks to assess and enhance their platform practices.
    • IT Leaders and CTOs seeking to foster efficiency through platform engineering.
    • Anyone interested in understanding the strategic importance of Platform Engineering and how to effectively implement its principles.


    Abby Bangser

    Lead of CNCF Platform Maturity Model

    Lou Bichard

    Senior Product Manager at Gitpod

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