Changelog - Archived

Please refer to /changelog for the most up-to-date changelog. Below is an archive of previous releases up to June 2020.


  • [theia] Allow adding Gitpod to homescreen on iOS/iPad to get a fullscreen app experience eclipse-theia/theia#7607
  • [theia] Upgrade Theia IDE to v1.2.0
  • [theia] Upgrade built-in VS Code extensions for JS, TypeScript, Python, Rust, C++, Go, Java, Ruby, PHP, C#, F#, Swift, Objective-C, Clojure, Lua, PowerShell, SQL, Yaml, XML, EditorConfig, and refresh themes
  • [theia] New Preferences UI eclipse-theia/theia#7105
  • [theia] Improve Git view, add Tree View mode eclipse-theia/theia#7505
  • [theia] Improve and expand VS Code extension support
  • [theia] Add dedicated ‘Workspace’ menu in IDE top menu bar
  • [theia] Fix various keybindings and focus handling issues
  • [backend] Harden workspace initialization and backup in out-of-the-ordinary situations
  • [backend] Also garbage-collect expired workspaces in error state
  • [backend] Increase maximum workspace size from 20 GiB → 30 GiB
  • Improve Team Subscriptions: Add dedicated My Teams menu item, fix dialogs and invite links, clarify descriptions
  • Improve IDE Setup Assistant and auto-detect more tools
  • Bump Node.js version following a security alert: gitpod-io/workspace-images#243



  • Support Amazon Linux based workspace images (thanks @Kreyren!), fixes gitpod-io/gitpod#1490
  • [theia] Measure first time connection for IDE websocket
  • [theia] Improve & optimize IDE diff view, remove a O(n^2) diff computation
  • [theia] Load IDE faster by defering & batching VSCode extensions initialization: eclipse-theia/theia#7676
  • [theia] Switch PHP language support from felixfbecker.php-intellisensebmewburn.vscode-intelephense-client: Faster & cached indexing, better support for Symfony projects
  • [gitlab] Fix GitLab permission check, fixes gitpod-io/gitpod#1464
  • [workspaces-list] UX: Only show search/filter when relevant, make GC message dismissable, start workspaces in a new tab
  • [backend] Monitor Go service metrics with a new dashboard
  • [backend] Optimize Gitpod database with multiple indexes
  • [backend] Increase maximum allowed workspace startup time from 30min → 60 min (for big projects), fixes community/cannot-open-a-new-workspace-for-libreoffice




  • Fix Ubuntu 20.04 based gitpod/workspace-dotnet and gitpod/workspace-dotnet-vnc images by installing .NET Core SDK 3.1 binaries gitpod-io/workspace-images#218



  • [theia] Upgrade Theia v0.17.0 → v1.1.0
  • [theia] Upgrade monaco-languageclient and monaco-editor-core
  • [theia] Get all built-in VS Code extensions from Open VSX
  • [backend] Better handle excessive resource usage in workspaces (CPU, network, disk) and implement a fair use policy
  • [backend] Implement garbage collection for prebuilt workspace snapshots that are unused for more than 7 days
  • Overhaul and improve GitHub/GitLab login code




  • Upgrade from Ubuntu 19.04 → Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, because 19.04 reached end-of-life and all its apt packages got deleted gitpod-io/gitpod#1398
  • Upgrade Java 11.0.5.fx-zulu → 11.0.6.fx-zulu


  • [backend] Merge the ‘asia-east1’ cluster with the ‘us-west1’ cluster
  • [backend] Increase workspace garbage collection courtesy retention from 7 days → 21 days


  • [backend] Rebuild workspace base image when it’s missing, fixes gitpod-io/gitpod#1329
  • [backend] Make multiple services more resilient in case of degraded network conditions
  • [backend] Improve workspace start-up time monitoring
  • [theia] Fix ‘Open Workspaces’ and ‘Open Access Control’ avatar menu links getting blocked as pop-ups
  • Fix extended & boostable timeouts for Student Unlimited plans, fixes community/boosting-timeouts-in-gitpod



  • [theia] Fix opening GitHub/GitLab file URLs in Gitpod
  • Don’t use no-reply@ and show proper sender name in transactional emails


  • [backend] Move Gitpod prebuilds to a dedicated headless nodepool, fixes gitpod-io/gitpod#1328
  • [backend] Harmonise and pin Kubernetes version to 1.15
  • [backend] Make workspaces more resilient to DiskPressure/MemoryPressure
  • [backend] Make workspace scheduling more efficient and robust
  • [backend] Better report errors when workspaces fail or get unknown phase
  • [workspaces-list] Add hover tooltips to buttons in the workspaces list
  • [theia] Upgrade Theia to run Node.js Debug Adapter with Theia’s built-in node
  • [theia] Upgrade Java extensions
  • [theia] Share workspace immediately when opening share workspace dialog, fixes gitpod-io/gitpod#665
  • [theia] Redeploy plugins on disconnection to backend, fixes gitpod-io/gitpod#1291
  • [gitlab] Fix link in private repository access view for GitLab
  • [gitlab] Allow to open empty GitLab repos, fixes gitpod-io/gitpod#1014
  • [gitlab] Add retry for user profile fetching, fixes gitpod-io/gitpod#1275 (comment)
  • [gp-cli] Handle gp preview
  • [gp-cli] Fix gp url without arguments, fixes gitpod-io/gitpod#1333
  • Implement SendGrid to allow sending transactional emails (e.g. when your subscription is about to expire)
  • Handle duplicate ports in .gitpod.yml more gracefully
  • Upgrade Node.js from v10 → v12 LTS (to pin a specific version, see this workaround)

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