Dotfiles are a way to customize your developer environment according to your personal needs.

To configure Gitpod to use your own dotfiles for all your workspaces, enter the URL of a public dotfiles repository in

Gitpod will recognize and run one of the following install scripts from your dotfiles repository.

  • install
  • bootstrap
  • script/bootstrap
  • setup
  • script/setup

Note: Your installation script will be terminated if it exceeds 120 seconds.

Make sure to make your installation script executable with chmod 755 <install-script-name>.sh before committing and pushing to your dotfiles repository.

If there is no install script, your dotfiles will be symlinked into /home/gitpod.

The dotfiles repository installation logs are saved to ~/.dotfiles.log


The example below has just one dotfile called .bash_aliases. If this file is present in a workspace home directory, it will be found by the ‘.bashrc’ startup script in the Gitpod default image, so no additional install script is required.


echo Hello Gitpod
echo Here is my .bash_aliases dotfile

alias gitsha='git rev-parse HEAD'

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