Start Tasks

When starting or restarting a workspace you typically want to run certain tasks. Most probably that includes the build and maybe also running tests and automatically start the application in e.g. a dev server.

Gitpod allows you to configure start tasks in the .gitpod.yml file.

For instance, the start script for the Gitpod documentation repository is defined as:

  - init: yarn && yarn build
    command: yarn dev --host

You can have multiple tasks, which are opened on separated terminals.

  - command: echo Terminal1
  - command: echo Terminal2

They are started in parallel. See below options on configuring where and how the terminals are placed in the workbench.

Defining Commands

The command property is used to specify the command that shall be run on every start of a workspace. It is a bash command and doesn’t need to terminate. For instance, you could start a web server or a database.

The script below will start a development-time web server in many npm projects:

  - command: npm run dev

Task properties will control when a command is executed. Check the table below for an overview of the different starting scenarios.

Start Mode Execution
Fresh Workspace before && init && command
Restart Workspace before && command
Snapshot before && command
Prebuild before && init && prebuild

init command

The init property can be used to specify shell commands that should only be executed after a workspace was freshly cloned and needs to be initialized somehow. Such tasks are usually builds or downloading dependencies. Anything you only want to do once but not when you restart a workspace or start a snapshot.

Here is an example for a node project that makes use of init:

  - init: npm install
    command: npm run dev

This will make sure that npm install is executed only after the repository was cloned, but not when restarting the workspace or starting a snapshot of that workspace.

before command

In case you need to run something even before init, that is a requirement for both init and command, you can use the before property.

  - before: ./
    init: npm install
    command: npm run dev

prebuild command

The optional prebuild command will be executed during prebuilds. It is meant to run additional long running processes that could be useful, e.g. running test suites.

Configuring the Terminal

A task allows to configure where and how the terminal should open using the properties below. Please note that this information is used if no previous terminals in the layout exist. Snapshots will first try to reuse existing terminals in the layout, before opening new ones.

  - command: python3 -m http.server 8080
    name: Static Server
  - openMode: split-right
    command: echo SplitTerminal
  - openIn: left
    command: echo LeftPanelTerminal


You can configure where in the IDE the terminal should be opened:

openIn Where
openIn: bottom the bottom panel (default)
openIn: left the left panel
openIn: right the right panel
openIn: main the main editor area


You can configure how the terminal should be opened relative to the previous task.

openMode Description
openMode: tab-after Opens in the same tab group right after the previous tab
openMode: tab-before Opens in the same tab group left before the previous tab
openMode: split-right Splits and adds the terminal to the right
openMode: split-left Splits and adds the terminal to the left
openMode: split-top Splits and adds the terminal to the top
openMode: split-bottom Splits and adds the terminal to the bottom