Gitpod comes with integrations for GitLab, GitHub, and Bitbucket projects. It also provides a browser extension or a browser bookmarklet for Chromium-based browsers (Chrome, Edge, Brave) and Firefox.


“Email address already used in another account” when trying to login into Gitpod

Send us a message through the contact form with your Gitpod account email. After you reach out, we will delete your account so that you can sign up again, which should resolve your issue.

How to get SCM API token from Gitpod’s GitLab, GitHub or Bitbucket integration as environment variable

Run gp init on your terminal or manually create a file called .gitpod.yml

  1. Put the following line in your .gitpod.yml:
language icon yml
    file: .gitpod.Dockerfile
  1. Create a file called .gitpod.Dockerfile and put the following content in it:
language icon dockerfile
FROM gitpod/workspace-full

RUN file="$HOME/.bashrc.d/" \
    && printf '%s\n' 'if [[ "${GITPOD_WORKSPACE_CONTEXT_URL:-}" == *gitlab* ]]; then : "gitlab"; else : "github"; fi; scm_name="$_"' > "${file}" \
    && printf 'export SCM_TOKEN="$(%s)"\n' "gp credential-helper get <<<host=\${scm_name}.com | sed -n 's/^password=//p'" >> "${file}"
  1. Validate your configuration changes by running gp validate in your workspace.
  2. Apply your .gitpod.yml changes by committing and restarting a new workspace.

Now you can use $SCM_TOKEN environment variable after you commit and create a new workspace, this variable will contain an API token based on the Git context (i.e. Gitlab/GitHub/Bitbucket)

How to use a private GitHub email or custom email for Git commits

At the variables page, create two variables[1] called:


and set the custom email address as the value and */* as the scope.

Now all of your new workspaces should use them for Git commits. If you have a workspace running, you can restart it or run eval "$(gp env -e)" in it.

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