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Gitpod works with public, private, or internal repositories on your own instance of GitHub Enterprise (GHE). Setting this up requires 2 steps.

  1. A one-time registration of the GHE server with Gitpod.
  2. Each Gitpod user connects their account to GHE the first time they start a workspace.

Registering a GitHub Enterprise Server

The GHE Admin can register the GHE server in their own Gitpod account settings.

Start by creating a New Integration and entering the Provider Host Name of GHE server.

Gitpod New Git Integration form

Copy the Redirect URL from the form above.

Create a new OAuth application in your GHE developer settings, and fill in the Authorization callback URL with the copied value.

GitHub Enterprise register new OAuth application form

Populate the remaining fields and register the application in GHE. This opens a settings page where you can copy the OAuth Client ID and a Client Secret.

GitHub Enterprise new OAuth client ID and secret

Copy the Client ID and Secret into the corresponding fields in Gitpod and activate the integration.

Connecting Gitpod accounts to GHE

GHE users connect their Gitpod account to their GHE account by starting a workspace.

To start a workspace, paste the URL of a GHE repository into the New Workspace popup ( CtrlCmd + O ) in Gitpod, or prefix the repository URL as described in Getting started.

Open in Gitpod form

The first time you do this, you will be prompted to authorize with your GHE instance.

Prompt to authorize with GitHub Enterprise

The GHE OAuth window will appear, showing the name of the registered Gitpod OAuth app.

OAuth confirmation from GitHub Enterprise

If you are trying to open a private or internal repository in GHE, you will be prompted to grant additional authorization before the workspace starts.

Private repo OAuth authorization from GitHub Enterprise

Validating your GHE connection with Gitpod

You should see the connection to your GHE instance, with your GHE account ID, in your Gitpod integration settings

GitHub Enterprise connection in Gitpod integration settings

If necessary, you can modify your GHE OAuth permissions to allow private repository access using the context menu on the right.

Gitpod settings for GitHub integration permissions

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