Projects live under a Gitpod organization. They connect Gitpod to a git repository. A Gitpod project can only have one git repository, and a git repository can only belong to one project.

A project is required in order to trigger prebuilds on a repository. Organization members use the project to configure and view prebuilds.

With organization billing, all project usage such as workspaces and prebuilds, may be billed to the organization.

Projects have a static URL based on the organization and project name, for example:<team>/<project>

View projects

The Projects page for a organization shows a card for each project.

Cards show the name, repository URL, quick links to project branches and prebuilds, and the branch and timestamp of the latest prebuild.

Add a new project

To add a new project, click on New Project on the Projects page for the organization, and select a repository from the list.

The list will show repositories from one of your git providers. Select a different provider if necessary. You may also be prompted to configure our GitHub app, the first time a project is created for a GitHub account. The new project will be associated with the current organization selected in the dashboard.

Configure a project

Organization members can configure Prebuilds, and set the workspace class used for project workspaces, in project settings.

Project Settings

Remove a project

You can remove a project using the “Remove project” action from a project card.


New Project page is stuck at fetching repositories

To identify the problem: check browser console logs.

Possible solution(s):

  • Try to disconnect Git(Hub/Lab) or Bitbucket from, then reconnect.
  • Make sure correct scopes are set for those Git integration providers as well.

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