Incremental Prebuilds

Similar to last successful prebuild, incremental prebuilds leverage older prebuilds in order to create new prebuilds faster.

Enable Incremental Prebuilds

An incremental prebuild is based on an older prebuild that was built for an older commit, in order to reuse pre-existing build artifacts. This is achieved by:

  1. Loading the older prebuild
  2. Updating the source code to the latest commit
  3. Running any before, prebuild, and init tasks again (incremental rebuild)
    Note: This means that your init tasks will be run twice on the same checkout, i.e. they need to be reentrant

How is a base prebuild selected?

When incremental prebuilds are enabled for a project, and a new prebuild is being triggered, Gitpod will do the following:

  1. Retrieve the commit history of the current commit to be built (up to 100 ancestor commits)
  2. For each ancestor commit, check if there exists a corresponding prebuild that can be used as a “base”:
    • A suitable “base prebuild” must have been successful (i.e. failed, canceled, or timed out prebuilds are not reused)
    • It must be a recent, direct ancestor of the current commit (i.e. not a commit from a different unrelated branch)
    • It must be based on the same project configuration as the current commit (for example, if the Docker image or the init tasks have recently been changed, older prebuilds are no longer relevant or useful and cannot be used as a “base”)
  3. If a suitable base prebuild is found, Gitpod will load it; update the checkout to the latest commit; and then re-run any before, prebuild and init task on top of it
    • If no suitable base prebuild is found, Gitpod will build the new prebuild from scratch (i.e. a non-incremental prebuild)

When are incremental prebuilds useful?

Incremental prebuilds can significantly speed up most of your prebuilds, especially if:

(time_to_load_older_prebuild + incremental_rebuild_duration) < full_prebuild_duration

Typically, enabling incremental prebuilds makes sense if:

  • Your project’s build system benefits from incremental rebuilds (i.e. rebuilds are significantly faster than your initial build)
  • Your regular prebuilds take longer than 5 minutes (the longer they take, the bigger the potential speedup is)

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