How to Create a Cluster on Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

⚠️ Self-hosted as a product is no longer supported

The last official update of this product is the November 2022 self-hosted release. We no longer sell commercial self-hosted licenses. If you want to self-host Gitpod, you can still request our free community license. However, we no longer offer support or updates for it. If you are interested in an isolated, private installation of Gitpod, take a look at Gitpod Dedicated. Read our blog on Gitpod Dedicated to learn why we made the decision to discontinue self-hosted.

Instructions on how to create a Microsoft AKS environment that is ready to install Gitpod are located in the gitpod-io/gitpod-microsoft-aks-guide repository on GitHub. The installation process takes around twenty minutes. In the end, the following resources are created:

  • An Microsoft AKS cluster running Kubernetes v1.21.
  • An Microsoft Azure load balancer.
  • An Microsoft Azure DNS zone.
  • An Microsoft Azure container registry.
  • MySQL will be provided by Helm under #5508 solved.
  • Minio will be used until Microsoft Azure storage gateway is configured.
  • Installation of calico as CNI and NetworkPolicy implementation
  • Installation of cert-manager for self-signed SSL certificates

Upon completion, this script will print the config for the resources created (including passwords) and what is the next relevant step in the installation process. Note that you will be able to skip steps 2 and 3 in the getting started guide because the script can do these steps for you.

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