Congratulations. You have set up your cluster. Now, you are ready to install Gitpod. Follow the instructions in the installation guide.

Cloud provider specific instructions
  • GCP
  • AWS
  • Azure

If you followed the steps to create your infrastructure on GCP of this guide, you need to use the following config settings for your Gitpod installation:

General settings
Domain name value of $DOMAIN_NAME

Un-select the in-cluster container registry checkbox.

Container registry
In-cluster no
Container registry URL${PROJECT_NAME}/gitpod
(replace ${PROJECT_NAME} with your GCP project name)
Container registry server
Container registry username _json_key
Container registry password Content of file ./gs-credentials.json
Remove linebreaks, e.g. with jq -c . ./gs-credentials.json

Un-select the in-cluster MySQL checkbox.

In-cluster no
Google Cloud SQL Proxy yes
Replace variables with actual values!
Username value of ${MYSQL_GITPOD_USERNAME}
Password value of ${MYSQL_GITPOD_PASSWORD}
GCP service account key Upload file ./mysql-credentials.json

Select GCP as object storage provider.

Object storage
Storage provider GCP
Storage region value of ${REGION}
Project ID value of ${PROJECT_NAME}
Service account key Upload file ./gs-credentials.json

Keep cert-manager selected for the TLS certificates options.

TLS certificates
Self-signed TLS certificate no
cert-manager yes
Issuer name gitpod-issuer
Issuer type Select “cluster issuer”

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