Reference Architecture Overview

The diagram above gives an overview of the reference architecture. Starting from the user’s workstation, access is provided using a layer 4 (L4) load balancer. An internal proxy distributes this traffic within Gitpod.

The cluster-external components are accessed by a specific set of components as shown in the diagram. The external components are:

  • MySQL database
  • Source Control Management (SCM), e.g. GitLab, GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, BitBucket, or BitBucket Server
  • Object Storage, e.g. Google Cloud Storage or Amazon S3
  • OCI Image Registry, e.g. Google Artifact Registry.
    Note: This registry is used by Gitpod to cache images, and store images it builds on behalf of users. This is not the registry that contains the images of Gitpod’s services.

In addition, the diagram indicates the different node pools within the cluster. Notice that we separate any user workloads from Gitpod’s services (except for ws-daemon). In this reference architecture, we create two node pools: the services node pool (upper half in the diagram) and the workspaces node pool (lower half in the diagram).

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