⚠️ Gitpod Self-hosted is no longer supported

The last update of Gitpod Self-hosted product was November 2022. Users can still request our free community license however there will be no support or updates to the product. If you are interested in an isolated, private installation of Gitpod, take a look at Gitpod Dedicated.e interested in an isolated, private installation of Gitpod, take a look at Gitpod Dedicated. Read our blog on Gitpod Dedicated to learn why we made the decision to discontinue self-hosted.

We optionally collect telemetry from Gitpod Self-Hosted installations to better understand the needs and use cases of the Gitpod community. Collected telemetry contains simple usage statistics like the number of users and workspaces. Our Privacy Policy describes in detail how we use this data.

To provide individualized support to enterprise customers we optionally collect a customer ID. This customer ID provides insights into enterprise adoption of Gitpod and helps us ensure that customers get the best value from their installations. Self-hosted installations using the community license do not have a customer ID and will be anonymous.

Controlling your telemetry

You can preview your usage telemetry, control how much information you share, and enable/disable all usage telemetry on Settings tab on the Admin dashboard. To anonymize your usage telemetry, uncheck the Include customer ID in telemetry option. To fully disable telemetry, uncheck the Enable usage telemetry option.

A preview of your usage telemetry is available on the settings page to provide transparency about the data we’d like to collect.

Enable Service Ping in Admin Settings

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