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Teams are used to share Projects amongst team members.

There are two roles within a Gitpod team team owners and team members. Team members and owners can view branches and prebuilds for the projects within a team. Team members can open new workspaces directly from a branch in the dashboard. Team owners can manage other team members, reset user invite URLs, and manage Team billing.

To collaborate with others on projects you can create a Team and invite others as team members.

View teams

To view all your teams, click on the scope selector on the left of the top bar.

Create a team

To create a new team:

  1. On the top bar, click on the scope selector and select New Team.
  2. Next, you will be asked for a team name that will serve also as the team slug.

Add members to a team

Once you create a team you can invite members by using the unique invite URL from the Members page within a team.

Change member permissions

New members will join with a Member role which you can later change if needed from the Members list using the more actions button. See Roles below.

Remove a member from a team

You can remove a team member form the Members list using the more actions button while hovering over the user entry.

Filter members in a team

On the Members page you can filter users by membership role using the filters above the Members list.

Leaving a team

You can leave a team using the more actions button in the Members list while hovering over your user entry.


Permission Owner Member
Manage Team Members Yes No
Delete Team Yes No
Manage Team billing Yes No
Edit Project Settings Yes No
Edit Project Variables Yes No
Invite Team Members Yes Yes
Add Projects. Yes Yes
Remove Projects. Yes Yes
Add Projects Yes Yes
View Branches Yes Yes
View Prebuilds Yes Yes
Trigger Prebuilds Yes Yes

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