We will soon have support for JetBrains PyCharm. JetBrains have been working recently to enable remote development for all their IDE’s. We currently have support for IntelliJ and GoLand in Beta, but expect the other JetBrains IDE’s to be opened up soon, please follow the JetBrains issue for more details. If you’re interested to be part of the Gitpod private Beta group, leave a comment in our GitHub issue.

Browser (via Jetbrains Projector)

Did you know you can run JetBrains IDEs in a browser? Thanks to JetBrains Projector IntelliJ-based and Swing-based IDEs can run on servers, allowing you to access them from anywhere using your browser. Here’s an example template: gitpod-io/template-jetbrains-pycharm.

Simply click “Open in Gitpod” button to launch the Pycharm IDE in your browser.

Additional reading

To learn more about JetBrains Projector, head to:

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