Notify your Gitpod account manager if you want an overview of what is installed and configured by the Cloudformation templates. You may share these templates with your security and network teams if approval is required. Please see AWS IAM permission requirements for information on the permissions needed.

Deploying Gitpod Enterprise

Do not modify the CloudFormation templates outside of adding AWS resource tags. Doing so will likely result in a failed installation.

After you have communicated your AWS account ID and region to your Gitpod account manager and ensured your networking configuration is ready, you will receive deep links to set up CloudFormation stack. Deploying Gitpod Enterprise requires significant permissions since it involves creating and managing numerous resources. To simplify this process, we provide an additional CloudFormation template that creates a role with all the necessary permissions to execute the main CloudFormation stack. It’s crucial to apply the role template first and then utilize the created role when applying the main stack.

This section guides you through the CloudFormation templates, demonstrating how to deploy Gitpod in a way that meets your security and connectivity requirements. Using CloudFormation Templates

The deployment process involves two key steps:

1. Role Creation Template:

First, apply the CloudFormation template designed to create an IAM role. This role is equipped with the necessary permissions for deploying the main Gitpod stack.

2. Main Gitpod Deployment Template:

With the role created, proceed to apply the main CloudFormation stack using the newly created role. This stack handles the bulk of the Gitpod setup, from infrastructure to application components.

This approach ensures that the deployment process aligns with best practices for security and permissions management.

Continue to the next sections for detailed instructions and insights on working with CloudFormation templates and optimizing your Gitpod deployment.

Next Steps

Deploy Gitpod using CloudFormation Templates

Dive deeper into the specifics of each CloudFormation template, including parameters to customize and tips for successful application.

Completing DNS Setup

Learn how to finalize your DNS configuration, ensuring that your Gitpod instance is accessible and secure.

Using Private VPC Resolvers

Explore how to utilize private VPC resolvers within Gitpod for enhanced networking and connectivity.

Each of these sections builds on the foundation laid during setup and preparation, guiding you toward a successful Gitpod Enterprise deployment.

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