Public roadmap

🚧 Under Construction 🚧 - Looking for the Gitpod public roadmap?

We are currently in a process of re-thinking how we can best communicate upcoming changes to Gitpod with our customers, users and community members.

We still love hearing what you think about Gitpod, as we build the future of CDE’s together—that has not changed! In the mean time, here are some ways that you can stay in touch:

  • To see what was recently released, see our Changelog.
  • For feedback and feature requests, see our repo on GitHub.
  • To chat about Gitpod, join us in Discord.

Why did we deprecate the public roadmap?

Our previous public roadmap was tied to GitHub issues, which became difficult to maintain and could at times be confusing or misleading, especially when plans changed—as they often do—as we adapted Gitpod features to the feedback of our users and customers.

Where can I hear about what’s planned and upcoming?

Keep an eye on our Changelog, because we like to rollout features early to get your feedback and input. We’re also very active in Discord, which is a great place for discussions and conversations about Gitpod… so, why not join the next community session?

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