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Latest updates

Activity based prebuilds

Enhance workspace startups with activity-triggered prebuilds. Remove SCM webhook dependency for faster, consistent initialization. Learn more in our prebuild documentation.

Audit logs for Gitpod Enterprise

Enhance security and transparency with Gitpod Enterprise's new Audit Logs feature. Track all API access with detailed logs available through an API endpoint.

JetBrains RustRover support now available in Gitpod

Discover the new support for JetBrains RustRover in Gitpod. Leverage advanced Rust-specific features within your Gitpod workspaces for improved code analysis, refactoring, and debugging.

Customizable default role for new organization members

Organization owner's can now configure what default role new members should get.

Limit available workspace classes and editors

We've simplified how you configure repositories and introduced a new prebuilds activity page

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