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Latest updates

You can now specify the exact SCM hosts in your Gitpod browser extension settings

By default, the browser extension is now only enabled on, and, allowing you to optionally broaden its permissions to self-hosted domains as well.

Local Companion (as an SSH connection method) for VS Code Desktop is now retired

We're streamlining your VS Code Desktop experience by retiring SSH over Local Companion.

Blazing fast workspace starts are now easier than ever, with simplified default settings for prebuilds

Prebuild filters now are set across all providers—GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket—consistently. Prebuild filter settings are configured via Project settings, and not via the `.gitpod.yml`.

Start workspaces faster with the Gitpod Browser Extension v2

Introducing the Gitpod Browser Extension v2: start workspaces faster by remembering settings and expanded compatibility with BitBucket Datacenter and Self-Hosted GitLab. Now available for both Chrome and Firefox.

Set a default Workspace Image for your Gitpod Organization

With Gitpod you can now set a workspace image across your Organization.

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