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Latest updates

Start workspaces faster with the Gitpod Browser Extension v2

Introducing the Gitpod Browser Extension v2: start workspaces faster by remembering settings and expanded compatibility with BitBucket Datacenter and Self-Hosted GitLab. Now available for both Chrome and Firefox.

Set a default Workspace Image for your Gitpod Organization

With Gitpod you can now set a workspace image across your Organization.

Gitpod Dedicated expands regional availability

New AWS regions are now available on Gitpod Dedicated. Benefit from lower latency and meet compliance requirements.

Instead of trying to quit vim, just close the tab

Edit your Gitpod workspaces directly from your browser with the all-new Browser Terminal.

Secretless Authorization (Using OIDC)

With Gitpod you can use OIDC to connect Gitpod workspaces to cloud providers or third parties such as AWS, Azure, GCP, or secret management services like Vault.

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