Kotlin in Gitpod

To work with Kotlin in Gitpod, you will need to properly configure your repository. Here is how to do it.

Installing Kotlin

To install Kotlin in Gitpod add the following to your .gitpod.Dockerfile:

language icon dockerfile
RUN brew install kotlin

A full example could look like this:

language icon dockerfile
FROM gitpod/workspace-full

USER gitpod
RUN brew install kotlin

VS Code extensions

Kotlin Language

This extension provides Kotlin language support for Gitpod and other IDEs, with:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Code snippets
  • Region code folding

To get it, open Gitpod’s Extensions panel (left vertical menu), then search for “Kotlin” and install the extension by Mathias Fröhlich for your project. Next, commit the .gitpod.yml file that was automatically created (or updated) by Gitpod.

Code Runner

While this extension isn’t Kotlin-specific, but allows to run code snippets in many different languages, including Kotlin.

To get it, open Gitpod’s Extensions panel, then search for “Code Runner” and install it for your project.

Try it

Please use the button below to see a gitpodified Kotlin example project in Gitpod:

Open in Gitpod

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