Vue.js in Gitpod

To work with Vue.js in Gitpod, you will need to properly configure your repository. Here is how to do it.

Example Repositories

Here are a few Vue.js example projects that are already automated with Gitpod:

Repository Description Try it
vuepress Minimalistic Vue-powered static site generator Open in Gitpod
nuxt Nuxt Open in Gitpod


To get started with a Vue project you can run their create cli. Refer to the Vue.js docs for a more detailed quick start.

language icon bash
npm npm create vue@latest

VS Code Extensions


Vue Language Features (Volar) is a language support extension built for Vue, Vitepress and petite-vue.

To add this extension to your repository add the following to your .gitpod.yml

language icon yml
        - vue.volar

For projects that already have a .gitpod.yml, you can skip the first part and just add the provided snippet.

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