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Cloud development environments (CDEs) are on-demand development environments that are pre-configured with all tools, libraries and dependencies needed to write and review code. They can be easily duplicated and shared across teams.

What is a Gitpod Workspace?

Gitpod allows easy creation of personal “workspaces”. Workspaces are based on Linux and can be automated through configuration of a gitpod.yml and/or a workspace image, such as Docker. Workspaces are ephemeral and fully-isolated, with full super-user permissions.

Anything you can do on Linux, you can do in Gitpod.

You can use Gitpod for native desktop UI and graphical user interface (GUI) applications via Virtual Networking Computing (VNC), to achieve an experience comparible to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) yet fully optimised for developer experience.

See Ephemeral Workspaces, Workspace Image and .gitpod.yml for more.

Who can use Gitpod?

Gitpod is optimised for developer experience, however having access to reproducible workspaces is beneficial to many members of an engineering organisation. For instance: Platform Engineers, Quality Assurance, Data Scientists and Product Managers can use Gitpod for use cases such as: running test suites, previewing applications and performing operations work.

Accessing Gitpod via Browser or Desktop

You can access Gitpod on a PC, laptop, tablet or phone using a code editor (e.g. VS Code), IDE (e.g. IntelliJ), or a terminal (e.g. SSH). Both browser-based and desktop applications are supported.

See IDEs & Editors for more.

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