Use Cases

The combination of powerful automation with the elasticity and scale of the cloud when delivered through a unified developer platform creates powerful use cases for organizations of all sizes.

From startups who need the developer experience to move fast to enterprises with legacy code, hardware compatibility challenges, monolithic architecture and stricter security requirements, Cloud Development Environments (CDEs) will undoubtedly benefit your organization.

Here are (just a few!) examples.

Developer Velocity

Faster Onboarding

Have your developers deploying to production on day one. You also increase software engineering mobility across your organization, as engineers can move between projects, teams and even divisions in an instant, without doing any setup on their machines.

Faster Code Reviews

Streamline your Pull Request (PR) review process with CDEs. Developers can review PRs efficiently without interrupting their current work. This seamless integration into the development cycle not only saves time but also ensures more consistent and thorough code reviews.

Preview Environments

Gitpod helps to get commits to production faster. When you automate the steps to start your application, it’s simple to spin up an application on-demand and preview a change, whether that’s quality assurance receiving a pull request before merge, or a product manager ensuring changes meet requirements, preview environments become a readily available commodity in your organization.

Workshops and Demos

Gitpod makes it easy for engineers to self-serve application demos. Many open source repositories choose Gitpod to make it easy to demo their application with a single click. However, demos are equally as useful inside an organization as developers can easily test out libraries and packages, or run internal knowledge sharing workshops where zero setup is required.

Collaborative Pair Programming

Cloud-based coding with Gitpod transforms pair programming. Sharing your active workspace or a specific running port is as simple as a click, eliminating the need for tools like ngrok or frp. You can also automate the inclusion of specific VS Code or JetBrains extensions, ensuring that every team member has immediate access to these tools right out of the box.

Platform Engineering


Gitpod establishes a ‘golden path’ for every developer’s environment. Every developer gets an optimized environment which “just works”. Improvements to automation for development environments are automatically shared with all other developers using Gitpod. With default workspace images, each repository in your organization is instantly ready for coding. Centralized workspace images maintain control over tool security and updates, while still allowing repository owners to tailor their development experience with custom .gitpod.yml configurations.

Inner Source

Gitpod amplifies your platform engineering efforts, making it easier for software engineers to contribute to internal tools without the hassle of reconfiguring their entire setup for minor contributions. Gitpod also integrates seamlessly with internal developer portals, which can be as simple as adding “Open in Gitpod” links for one-click contribution developer environments.

Site Reliability

On call engineers no longer need to carry clunky laptops with them, or scramble to replicate production issues on unfamiliar applications. Gitpod can be used from any device from an ipad, to a phone. With access management baked into your workspaces, Gitpod can act as your bastion host so that SREs can quickly drop into running servers to resolve production incidents instantly.

Secure Source Code

Gitpod gives your software engineers isolated, independent workspaces, without compromising on developer productivity or asking engineers to change their workflows. Unlike clunky, slow and non-performant virtual desktop solutions, Gitpod helps keep your source code safe, by keeping it off software engineers devices, and keeping your source code within your perimeter.

Secrets Management

No more long-lived credentials scattered on your software engineers devices. Gitpod plays well with centralized secrets management. Workspaces can request short-lived temporary credentials from any public cloud (AWS, Azure, or GCP) or secrets management tool like Hashicorp Vault. Automating your secrets management reduces human-error and gives you security by default, not an after thought.

Workspace Performance

Monolithic Applications

Got a growing, complex application to run and your software engineers laptops are grinding to a halt? Running in the cloud means you can run even the largest, most complex applications. As your application complexity grows, you can give your software engineers as much compute as they need to get their job done, all without you needing to buy, ship, issue and track new hardware.

Microservice Applications

Working with microservices can be demanding, especially when multiple services are required for end-to-end testing. Gitpod’s high-performance workspaces allow for the smooth running of multiple microservices, preserving your laptop’s battery life and overall performance.

Running Large Test Suites

As test suites grow larger, their completion times can increase significantly. Gitpod’s high-performance workspaces enable fast test execution. Additionally, with the ability to run multiple concurrent workspaces, developers can continue their work in one workspace while tests run in another, ensuring uninterrupted productivity.

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