C++ in Gitpod

Gitpod supports C++ right out of the box, but there are still ways to enhance your C++ experience within Gitpod.

Example Repositories

Here are a few C++ example projects that are already automated with Gitpod:

Repository Description Try it
Component Editor Component Editor Open in Gitpod
tinyraycaster old-school FPS in a weekend Open in Gitpod
HelloGitPod Example Gitpod C++ configuration with clang-tidy linter enabled Open in Gitpod


C++ Tools

All Gitpod workspaces come with the latest available clang, gcc, cmake, gdb, and other useful C++ tools pre-installed by default.

However, if you’re missing some additional tools, you can simply run brew install <tool_name> to install it in the current workspace or write your own .gitpod.Dockerfile to install it across all workspaces for your repository.

Further Reading