Gitpod uses a MySQL database to store user data. By default Gitpod ships with a MySQL database built-in. If you operate your own MySQL database (which we’d recommend in a production setting) you can use that one. You have the following options:

  • Integrated database: If not disabled, this MySQL database is installed in a Kubernetes pod as a part of Gitpod’s Helm chart. The database uses a Kubernetes PersistentVolume. We do not recommend using this option fo a production setting.
  • Own MySQL database: Gitpod requires MySQL in version 5.7 or newer.

This chart installs a MySQL database which gets Gitpod up and running but is not suitable for production (the data is lost on each restart of the DB pod). To connect to a proper MySQL installation:

  • initialize your MySQL database using the SQL files in database/. E.g. in a mysql session connected to your database server run:

    SET @gitpodDbPassword = IFNULL(@gitpodDbPassword, 'your-password-goes-here');
    source database/01-create-user.sql;
    source database/02-create-and-init-sessions-db.sql;
    source database/03-recreate-gitpod-db.sql;
  • echo values/database.yaml >> configuration.txt
  • in values/database.yaml change the values in gitpod.db to match your installation

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