Workspace Storage

Gitpod uses bucket storage to persist the contents of workspaces. Each workspace is tarballed into a single archive file which is then uploaded to the bucket.

By default Gitpod ships with MinIO as built-in bucket storage. If you operate your own MinIO instance, or have access to Google Cloud Bucket storage you can use that one. You have the following options:

  • Integrated MinIO: If not disabled, Gitpod installs MinIO in Kubernetes as a dependency of Gitpod’s helm charts. MinIO itself can serve as a gateway to other storage providers. When storing the data itself, MinIO relies on a persistent volume which in turn supports a wide range of storage backends.
  • Bring your own storage bucket: Gitpod can be configured to connect to your own installation of MinIO or Google Cloud Storage compatible storage solution.

This helm chart ships with a MinIO installation for this purpose. Alternatively, you can connect to your own MinIO installation using

  • echo values/minio.yaml >> configuration.txt
  • in values.minio.yaml change the values to match your installation

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