Install Gitpod Self-Hosted on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)

Installation instructions for Gitpod Self-Hosted on Amazon EKS are currently located in the gitpod-io/gitpod-eks-guide repository on GitHub. The installation process takes around forty minutes. In the end, the following resources are created:

  • An Amazon EKS cluster running Kubernetes v1.20

  • Kubernetes nodes using a custom AMI image:

    • Ubuntu 20.04
    • Linux kernel v5.12
    • containerd v1.54
    • runc: v1.0.1
    • CNI plugins: v0.9.1
    • Stargz Snapshotter: v0.7.0
  • ALB load balancer with TLS termination and re-encryption

  • RDS Mysql database

  • Two autoscaling groups, one for gitpod components and another for workspaces

  • In-cluster Docker registry using S3 as storage backend

  • IAM account with S3 access (docker-registry and gitpod user content)

  • Installation of calico as CNI and NetworkPolicy implementation

  • Installation of cert-manager for self-signed SSL certificates

  • Installation of cluster-autoscaler

  • Installation of a Jaeger operator and Jaeger deployment for gitpod distributed tracing

  • Installation of metrics-server

  • A deployment

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