In order to use Gitpod, a user has to have a valid subscription. If you are not aware of that, you are likely using the free subscription. See our homepage for possible subscription plans.

Our internal calculation unit is Gitpod hours. One Gitpod hour allows you to use one workspace for one hour on a default server. If you use multiple workspaces in parallel you will be charged for each of these individually, e.g. for running three workspaces in parallel for half an hour we will charge you 1.5 Gitpod hours. For non-default resources, we apply a factor that reflects the additional costs we have for the special hardware. The granularity is Gitpod seconds.

Depending on the type of subscription, you get a certain amount of Gitpod hours per subscription month. Subscription months, unlike calendar months, start directly with at the moment of the subscription. At the end of a subscription month, your remaining Gitpod hours for that months expire, and you will start with the subscription amount again.

You can upgrade to a higher subscription plan at any point in time. The new subscription month starts immediately. Downgrading is possible as well, but the new subscription month will start with the end of the prior subscription.

We may introduce other types of additional Gitpod hours (expiring or not) in the future. When you have different kinds of credits, the one with the earliest expiry date will be used first.

You can see your current amount of Gitpod hours in the usage page or in the IDE by clicking your avatar and choosing Account. You will be warned multiple times when you are getting close to running out of Gitpod hours. As soon as your credits are used up, your workspaces will be closed automatically. You can still manage your account, but you will not be able to start any workspaces until you have Gitpod hours again.

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