Tips & Tricks

Command Palette

The command palette is at the core of a keyboard-centric interaction, and can be also useful for looking up available commands and key bindings. It is available through the following keyboard shortcut:

  • F1

Command Palette

Command Palette Context

The command palette lists only those commands that are available in the current context. For example, the Go To Line... command shows in the palette only when a code editor is opened and has focus.

Command Palette Context Example: Go to Line

Color Themes

Gitpod opens in its dark theme. If you prefer a lighter experience, you can switch to the light theme. Simply use the command palette and select Change Color Theme.

Change Color Theme

Open File

To quickly open any file using the keyboard, press:

  • Ctrl+P (⌘+P on macOS).

It will let you search, find, and open any file by name.

Open File

Search in Workspace

To search for or to replace string occurrences in all files of your workspace, press:

  • Ctrl+Shift+F (⌘+Shift+F on macOS)

It opens the search view, which is described here.

Symbols and References

Most languages allow to name things and refer to them in other places, for example variables, functions, classes, modules etc. Gitpod supports the notion of symbols and references, and lets you navigate between them in both directions:

  • Open Symbol (Ctrl+Shift+O) finds a symbol by its name.
  • Find All References (Shift+F12) lists all references to the symbol at the current position in an inline editor.
  • Go to Definition (Ctrl+F12 or Ctrl/⌘+click) brings you to the definition of a symbol. Peek Definition (Alt+F12) does the same in an inline editor.
  • Rename Symbol (F2) renames the symbol and changes all references to it accordingly.

Format Document

To tidy up your code, many languages support Format Document (Alt+Shift+F). If you want to apply this to only a subsection of the current document, select the desired region and pick Format Selection from the editor’s context menu.

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