Onboard developers
and ship code on day one

You can either spend 3 days of your life setting them up or give them a button and say ‘click here’.

Josep Jaume, Senior Staff Engineer at Factorial

Developers spend less time wrestling environments, and more time coding

Onboard developers with one click

With Gitpod, developers onboard in minutes, not weeks. Developers log in via SSO and open a workspace immediately. Workspaces include everything a developer needs; their packages, libraries, editor plugins and even access to external databases or Kubernetes clusters in any 3rd party or cloud provider. No more insecurely sharing access tokens and secrets through Slack.

Open in Gitpod button

Free your senior developers from becoming ‘support’

Free your platform teams and senior developers from the constant support developers need when trying to clone the right repositories into the right locations, with the correct environment variables, and the appropriate network configurations. Have an environment issue? Simply start a new workspace.

Reproduceable dev. environments with Gitpod
Share workspace with Contrcators

Quickly ramp contractors

Don’t worry about access management, environment setup or shipping managed devices. Gitpod enable anyone working on your product to access the exact same setup, in one click.

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Secure and compliant by default

When your development environment is fully automated, you don’t have to compromise to keep security teams happy while creating a productive developer experience; security and compliance come by default.


“Teams just want to implement their business logic. There were lots of challenges with Windows machines and WSL. And not all team members are Linux experts, know how all the Python build tools work, know how to work best with virtual environments and so on. It was a hassle and we didn’t need them to become infrastructure experts.”

Jelle De Vleminck, Data Platform Lead at Luminus

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