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VS Code Desktop Support πŸ–₯

Learn how with VS Code Desktop Support, you can keep your local IDE configurations and benefit from Gitpod’s high-spec servers & automated prebuilds.

Navigating the platform

Explore the new wave of platform engineering tools with Lou Bichard, an early adopter of Backstage. Learn tool differentiation, usage, and building platforms as products in our webinar.

Sharing CDE Adoption

In this webinar, watch some of Gitpod's customers who shared their stories on CDE adoption in their companies. First up we'll be talking to Shares.io where all their engineers are using Gitpod as a default way of development, benefitting from massive productivity gains with every future hire embarking on the same journey.

Remote Dev Webinar

A hands on conversation about remote development using Gitpod. We will talk about how to get started and cover some best practices. You will be able to follow along with a example repository and your own Gitpod account.

Java Panel discussion

Open conversation about Java remote development covering best practices. What does not work well yet, and what had to click to make it work.

IntelliJ Webinar

Curious how the biggest tech companies are using remote development to speed up their development cycles? We'll explore using Gitpod to enable Java development in the cloud with your local IntelliJ IDEA.

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