Secure your software supply chain with CDEs

Extend security policies to the development lifecycle with centralized control of dev environments and changes to those environments.


We're able to reduce exfiltration risks as well as outside actors from accessing our development environments.

Roger Goldfinger, Senior Staff Engineer at Quizlet

Securing 1M+ developers in organizations like

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Maximize control, minimal overhead

Centrally manage configs and secrets

Platform teams can enforce organisational security policies within CDEs. Manage and share dev environment configurations and secrets data from one place.

All your data secured

Fix vulnerabilities, centrally

CDEs run on a fully isolated and secured single-use containers, limiting the impact of changes to dependencies. Admins decide which configs and images to apply globally and can fix vulnerabilities instantly across an entire team.

Your code, secured

Source code is centrally and safely stored in the cloud, never locally. Additionally, all data is encrypted at rest and connections to CDEs are encrypted in transit.

Secure data movement

Secure data movement

Gitpod is GDPR compliant, SOC 2 Type II compliant and provides clients with Data Processing Agreements (DPA) incorporating the Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC) for International Data Transfers.

Secure data movement

Your cloud or ours

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Dedicated is a single-tenant deployment of Gitpod CDEs within your cloud perimeter. This is great for organizations who require maximum control of their cloud resources and data storage and would like to connect to their internal systems.

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SaaS is a cloud-based, fully managed software-as-a-service deployment option of Gitpod CDEs. This is great for teams who are ready to get started right away.


“We were able to modernize our development environment and increase internal developer satisfaction by 45 percentage points.”

Roger Goldfinger, Senior Staff Software Engineer at Quizlet

Get started

Dev environments pre-configured with all the dependencies required to code in seconds.

Gitpod in a Nutshell Gitpod in a Nutshell