Virtual desktop infrastructure is not built for developers

Desktop with Gitpod configurations

Problems with developing on VDIs

Network latency
Server performance
Real-time typing feedback delays
Constantly losing states
Incorrect operating systems
Inability to use dual monitors
Application installation restrictions
Lack of interactive development functionality
Limited ability to test changes

CDEs meet your security requirements, too

VDIs are a form of virtualization that enable remote access to a full desktop. They don’t have any functionality specific to development environments. CDEs were purpose-built for developer experience and match the security of a VDI setup:

Centralized data management

CDEs store data centrally rather than on individual local devices, helping organizations to maintain better control over data security and compliance with regulations.

Reduced endpoint security risks

With CDEs, the attack surface is significantly reduced because the actual computing and data storage occurs in secure data centers, not on local devices.

Secure remote access

Employees can access sensitive data from any location because CDEs provide a secure, encrypted connection between a remote device and the central data center they are accessing. This becomes attractive to onsite teams who are hot desking at their offices.

Improved compliance management

CDEs provide a controlled environment where data handling and processing can be monitored and audited more effectively.

Enhanced admin and access controls

Organizations can implement robust access control mechanisms, ensuring only authorized personnel can access sensitive data.

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