Gitpod vs GitHub Codespaces

Gitpod is the faster, more resource-efficient, open-source platform that integrates with your individual stack.

We have tested Codespaces thoroughly this week, and it was more complex to configure than Gitpod, it's harder to use for students, and documentation is way worse.

Alejandro Sánchez

Alejandro Sánchez

Founder of 4GeeksAcademy

After a year spent with Gitpod and Codespaces, my particular stand out choice is - Gitpod. I've found Gitpod to be more flexible, easier to start with, generally more stable, and comes with a vibrant and helpful community over on Discord.

Casey LP

Casey LP

DevOps Engineer and Author of

Gitpod totally changed the development velocity for RedwoodJS - it removed any issues related to configurations of dev environments and made it incredibly easy to contribute.

Tom Preston Werner

Tom Preston Werner

Creator and Co-founder of GitHub and RedwoodJS

Open Source

Gitpod puts developers first and seemlessly integrates with your existing tools & workflows.

  • Contribute to Gitpod and build your own integrations and customizations
  • Check Gitpod's open code base and join our vibrant developer community

  • Work just as smoothly with GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket

Flexible Deployment

Gitpod is available as multi-tenant or single-tenant solution. For maximum flexibility and minimal setup time, use Gitpod in our secure cloud. Alternatively, get a dedicated, private instance of Gitpod managed by us. Compare Options

Gitpod Dedicated

Resource Efficient

Instead of running on expensive VMs, Gitpod provisions secure containers and achieves best-in-class resource-efficiency with scalable workspaces running on shared high-powered cloud servers. Helping our planet 🌱.

GitHub Codespaces using Virtual Machines

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Ready to feel the difference?

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Simply add your build command into a .gitpod.yml file and let Gitpod do the heavy-lifting. Once you’ve experienced the freedom of ephemeral workspaces, you’ll never want to go back to long-lived manually-maintained environments.

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Code in a carbon-neutral workspace

Not only is Gitpod more resource-efficient but it also runs on 100% carbon-neutral cloud servers (GCP). All the power, with a lower cost to our planet.

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Your cloud or our cloud

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Gitpod Cloud

Hosted by us, managed by us. Cloud requires zero set-up and is great for teams who want to get started right away.

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Gitpod Dedicated

Hosted by you, managed by us. Dedicated is great for organizations who require maximum control of their cloud resources and data storage.

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