About Gitpod

Empowering developers to be always ready-to-code
through automated and standardized development environments.

Officially founded in

Trusted by developers

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Built on shared operating values

Operating values define how we show up and make decisions at Gitpod.
They are an authentic representation of where we come from and
a guiding compass for where we are going. As we grow,
the way we show up and make decisions matures side by side.

Connect, connect, connect

We connect with our customers, each other and ourselves. Our customers' experience is the reason we exist. Understanding ourselves and others lays the foundation for collective success.

Students of the game

We learn continuously even when we become masters of the game. We build and grow, always with wonder.

Open the drawer

We embrace intensity and transparency. When we are avoidant, we can't evolve. We lean into tension, bringing clarity to messy drawers.

Climb the next hill

We take one clarifying step at a time. Deferring non-essentials. When we reach the next hill, we reflect, recalibrate and repeat. Iterate. High pace, high energy.

Raise the bar

Quality matters. We are high-achievers dedicated to our craft; delivering exceptional results we are proud of and that delight customers.

Ask what's wunderbar

We are in choice to shift perspectives in any situation. To seek joy and flow in our work. The less effort it takes, the more efficient we are.

Backed by great investors

Founded in 2020, Gitpod Inc. raised over $35m to date from some of the world’s most renowned open source investors. Our early backers include General Catalyst as well as Speedinvest, Crane and Vertex. We are proud to be supported by incredible individuals such as Tom-Preston Werner, founder and ex-CEO of GitHub,
Tobi Lütke, founder and CEO of Shopify, and Kent Beck, signatory of the Agile Manifesto.

Crane Crane

Find out more

We have always built in the open. If you want to learn more take a look through of our public Notion pages.