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Gitpod in a Nutshell

Speeding up +750k developers in teams like

<5 min
onboarding time for new developers

fewer issues across dev lifecycle

productivity gain per week per developer

improvement in developer happiness

success metrics reported by customers

What's a CDE?

CDEs are high-powered, automated development environments in the cloud. They are perfectly configured for each task enabling instant onboarding and collaboration.

Visual Studio Code
Select project,
check dependencies, checkout branch, viewreadme.txt, install tools, run build, run test, check dependencies,checkout branch, viewreadme.txt, install tools,run build, run test,
start coding.

Works on my any machine

Say goodbye to compatibility issues and configuration drift. Create a joyful developer experience on any machine.

With a single click, spin up a fresh development environment in a container in the cloud.

Works on any machine

Secure your software supply chain

CDEs are ephemeral, short-lived, and isolated from other work. With Gitpod, there’s no need to download any code to your machine.

Gitpod builds artefacts from a central place enabling you to fix vulnerabilities instantly across your team.

Integrate, don't dictate

Control every detail of your developer experience.

Connect Git provider

GitLab GitHub Bitbucket

Run in your cloud or ours


Choose IDEs and editors

VS Code GoLand IntelliJ PyCharm PhpStorm WebStorm CLion RubyMine Rider Vim

Customize themes and extensions

Prettier GitHub Copilot GitLens More options

Connect any dev resource

Redis AWS S3 MongoDB More options

Reduce developer toil

Cut the number of support requests in half and decrease the time spent on them to mere minutes.

Platform engineering teams enable developer self-service by configuring environments once and letting Gitpod take care of the rest.

Collaborate with ease

Engineers, designers, product managers. With Gitpod, anyone on the team can run code with ease. Yes, your CTO as well 🫶

Share running workspaces for pair programming, use port forwarding or share a snapshot of your CDE.

Work at datacenter performance

Downloads all your tools and packages at datacenter internet and networking speed.

Prebuilds speed you up by building your branches in the background and large workspaces give you the power for heavy-lifting tasks. Meanwhile, your laptop battery lasts.

Gitpod makes teams productive

Learn how Factorial develops software with Gitpod.

Onboard faster

Onboard faster

Get new hires or contractors to commit their first PR on day 1 without shipping a company laptop.

Gitpod reduces complexity by providing a plug & play experience for software development.

Remove friction

Remove friction

Give your developers full control over what device they use, wherever they are in the world.

Gitpod creates an identical developer experience for everyone, on every machine.

Increase security

Increase security

Remove your team’s local machines as an attack vector in your software supply chain.

Gitpod helps you retain control over your resources and protect your company source code from malicious attacks.

Collaborate easily

Collaborate easily

Enable faster collaboration across all team members, in realtime.

With Gitpod, teams can work on several workspaces in parallel and share them in seconds.

Want to see a custom demo or get help finding the right solution?

Trusted by the best developer teams

Gitpod empowers teams to be always ready to code.

Gitpod totally changed the development velocity for RedwoodJS—it removed any issues related to configurations of dev environments and made it incredibly easy to contribute.

Tom Preston Werner

Tom Preston Werner

Creator and Co-founder of GitHub and RedwoodJS

Gitpod is the most exciting developer tool I have encountered since, I don’t know, telnet maybe? Unix? It’s been a while.

Keith Adams

Keith Adams

Former Chief Architect of Slack

Through our partnership with Gitpod, we are enabling our mutual users to accelerate productivity, save resources and time while strengthening security compliance

Max Shafirov

Max Shafirov

CEO at JetBrains

Gitpod easily saves every engineer half a day per week. The amount of productivity we gain is staggering.

François Ruty

François Ruty

CTO at Shares

I’d estimate each engineer saves 5 to 10 hours a month on dev environment issues that just don’t exist with Gitpod.

Josep Jaume

Josep Jaume

Director of Developer Experience at Factorial

The ability for QAs to easily test a branch resulted in 20% fewer hotfixes after releases.

Konrad Mattheis

Konrad Mattheis

CTO at Vizlib

I would rather shut down the academy than stop using Gitpod.

Alejandro Sánchez

Alejandro Sánchez

Founder of 4GeeksAcademy

Look at any PR (pull request) in a full coding environment where you can edit, build, and test the PR code, by just prepending "" to the PR URL. Super useful for reviewing/testing stuff without having to check it out locally!

Julius Volz

Julius Volz

Creator of PrometheusIO

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