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Introducing Gitpod for Startups

Introducing Gitpod for Startups


  • With “Gitpod for Startups”, we offer eligible companies a 50% discount for up to 2 years
  • Gitpod remains discounted, even as you scale your workload and your engineers
  • CDEs enable startups to build great things, faster

When building great things, the last thing you need is unnecessary friction that slows you down and diverts your focus. We understand that, we’re in the same boat ⛵️.

With Gitpod you’ll improve your developer experience, morale and productivity to be able to focus more on what really matters: being creative and writing code.

For startups, that’s even more important. Why?

Well, to start with, there’s usually too much to do but not enough people (that’s normal). But exactly because of that we need to focus on the things that create value - and spending hours per week to set up and maintain dev environments surely doesn’t.

With a cloud based developer environment like Gitpod you can on-board new colleagues in seconds and can collaborate efficiently: Share running workspaces for pair programming, use port forwarding or share a snapshot as a copy of your dev environment with teammates.

You’ll also likely work on features, bugs and PR reviews at the same time, but switching context usually is a hassle and time intensive task. With Gitpod, multi track programming is easy as you’re able to spin up multiple context-aware dev environments with a click. And close them when you’re done.

It also enables your team to code from anywhere, on any device. Don’t worry about getting expensive laptops or source code security. This comes in handy as most companies are moving towards (hybrid) remote work, so even working from the road wouldn’t be a problem.

The fact that big tech companies like Google, Facebook or Shopify or are working on similar, internal solutions for remote development strongly leads just emphasizes the trend that in a few years from now, cloud based, ephemeral developer environments will be the norm.

So we think you’ll benefit from saying goodbye to local development early on, which is why we are providing a 50% discount as part of our “Gitpod for Startups” program.

The benefits

Use Gitpod at a 50% discount for at least 1 year with unlimited users and usage. For your whole team, no matter how big you scale and how many engineers you hire during that time. If you’re affiliated with one of these organisations, you’ll even get the benefits for 2 years.

Who is eligible?

Your startup is eligible if it was founded less than 3y ago, has raised a maximum of $10m in capital and hasn’t been on a paid plan yet.

How do I apply?

Check out our website for more details and the link to the application form. Once you’re part of the program, you’ll get the chance for a personal onboarding call with our community engineers.

Want to share program details with your colleagues or other startups? This Notion page might be handy.

Note from authors: This blog post was updated on December 14, 2022 to reflect our updated pricing policy.

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