Cloud development environments are on-demand and pre-configured with all tools, libraries and dependencies required to be ready-to-code.
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CDE principles

Lowers the barrier to software development.
Instantly available and seemingly infinite. 
Modular and powerful enough for any use case. 
Reproducible and controllable environments.
By 2026, 60% of cloud workloads will be built and deployed using CDEs.

Gartner, Hype cycle for emerging technologies (2023) [1]

Integrate with your existing development infrastructure

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Select project,
check dependencies, checkout branch, viewreadme.txt, install tools, run build, run test, check dependencies,checkout branch, viewreadme.txt, install tools,run build, run test,
start coding.
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White paper

CDEs for large teams

Curious why many of the largest companies have adopted CDEs? This white paper explores CDE benefits for engineering teams.

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