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April 28, 2022

April Self-Hosted Release

We’ve released a new version of Self-Hosted Gitpod. You can read more on how to install it in our documentation. More details on this release can be found in GitHub.

For feedback, please raise an issue or chat with us.

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Fixes and improvements

Self-signed certificates (beta)

You can now use self-signed certificates (certificates that are not signed by a known public certificate authority) for your self-hosted Gitpod installation. This is especially useful if you want to run Gitpod in a corporate environment that uses a corporate certificate authority. You can find out more about self-signed certs in our TLS configuration guide.

Note: Self-signed certs are currently not supported on Google Cloud Platform (GKE) because you cannot get containerd to trust other certificates without being restarted.

Support for installing Gitpod in air gapped Environments

We’ve made it easier to install Gitpod in air gapped environments (an environment that is isolated to and from the internet). You can now get everything that you need to install Gitpod in a single bundle that you can then install into your air-gapped environment. You can learn more about installing in air gapped environments in our documentation.

Improved Documentation

We’ve been working on our documentation which now includes a revamped installation guide and a more detailed explanation of requirements Gitpod has on the cluster it runs on, as well as which components are needed to support it.

A full list of changes can be found on GitHub.