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January 14, 2022

Dotfiles support in Beta

Happy new year from us at Gitpod 🥂!

We kick off 2022 with the availability of dotfiles support for anyone - currently in Beta.

If you are already familiar with dotfiles, configure it in your Gitpod preferences. All we need is a URL to your dotfiles repository. We will do the rest whenever you start a new Gitpod workspace. Enjoy 😊.

What are dotfiles, anyway?

You may have seen a .bashrc file or similar in a Unix environment. Basically, a place for you to configure and customize your shell. The operating system runs commands in these dotfiles automatically. This ensures your environment always has your customizations applied when you start your computer.

Dotfiles allow you to really customize your workflow and hence can increae your productivity significantly. It’s well worth looking into.

With today’s announcement, you can now leverage these exact same files in all your Gitpod workspaces! This removes one more friction for anyone who’s been on the fence as to whether or not cloud-based developer environments are worth exploring. Invest an hour today, you may like what you find. Start at gitpod.io/new.

Please try it out and share your experience with us and the Gitpod community. You can learn more about Dotfiles in the documentation.

We are interested in your feedback and suggestions, please let us know in our dedicated feedback issue or chat with us.

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Fixes and improvements


  • #7012 - Allow to specify port name and description.
  • #7097 - Allow to create a snapshot with gp.

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  • #7422 - Support creating Projects for Bitbucket and Self-Managed GitLab repositories.
  • #7383 - Automatically propose a configuration for non-configured repositories.
  • #7392 - Automatically propose VS Code extensions for yet unconfigured repositories..
  • #7031 - Incremental prebuilds project settings.
  • #7391 - Use owner and repo name for workspace id.

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