For Schools, Universities, Coding Bootcamps, etc.

Exams & Exercises

Teachers can prepare fully working and readily compiled projects, put them into a certain state and take a snapshot.

Students starting a workspace from that snapshot get their own clone to solve the excercise.

When finished, a student takes another immutable snapshot and sends it back to the teacher.

Live Tutoring

Gitpod helps teachers collaborate with students.

Teachers can easily join a student's development session.

There teachers can observe and help the student.

Any Device

Gitpod simplifies the onboarding process, makes coding accessible from any device, and provides a productive learning environment.

With Gitpod your students don't need expensive hardware: Chromebooks or Raspberry Pis are enough.

Easy Install

All Gitpod needs is a Kubernetes cluster. It can integrate and authenticate users with your GitHub Enterprise, GitLab, or Bitbucket instance.

Gitpod provides your institution a development environment where your exercises just work.

No need to waste time providing technical support for your students.

We eliminate tedious workflows.

Students going to the college

Gitpod Education Pricing

You have the choice to either host Gitpod yourself or to use our cloud infrastructure.

 Gitpod.ioFREE TrialGitpod Managed Gitpod Self-HostedFREE Trial
Pricing€8 per user per monthPlease enquire€0.9 per user per month
Managed ByGitpodGitpodYou
InfrastructureGlobally distributed> 1 geographical regionsOn-prem or private cloud
SLA OptionalOptional
GitHub Logo
GitHub Logo GitHub EnterprisePublic only
GitLab Logo
GitLab Logo GitLab Self-ManagedPublic only
Bitbucket Logo BitbucketSoonSoonSoon
Custom AuthenticationOAuth2OAuth2
Custom Branding
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